Humble Beginnings

Hungarian butcher Sandor Béres left his home city of Budapest during the 1956 uprising against the Stalinist government, who had taken possession of his father’s chain of butchers shops.

Arriving on these shores as a political refugee, Sandor was determined to establish the chain once more and build a successful business.

Sandor and his wife Eileen started the business together, opening their first shop in 1961.

They started out predominantly as butchers specialising in pork and beef. Being astute business people they soon recognised the potential in selling freshly made pork sandwiches and quickly built up an excellent reputation for quality food and service; a legacy which stays with us to this day.

Together they opened and built up three more successful shops.

Sandor and his wife Eileen started
the business together, opening their
first shop at Wadsley Bridge in 1961.

a family affair…
Sandor & Eileen’s son Richard, joined the business in 1988, allowing for a gradual retirement of the founders to a more consultancy based role.

Under Richard’s leadership, and on the foundation of a solid business, the company embarked on a significant expansion plan.

In the 1990’s the business trebled in size opening four more shops in the North of Sheffield.

During this period Richard’s two sisters joined the family business, Helen in 1994 and Catherine in 1997.

Larger production premises were needed to supply the growing business and so the company moved into a 5000 sq ft factory on Rawson Spring Road. This enabled Béres to produce and bake their own bread, completing the range of homemade products.

room for expansion…

The 2000’s saw steady growth as the business moved into new areas of Sheffield, opening shops in Crookes, Woodseats and Chapeltown.

A major leap forward into the city centre, with a new shop on Pinstone Street in 2015, has enabled Béres to establish their name and reputation across the city.

In 2018 the 12th shop opened on the south side of Sheffield, in Crystal Peaks shopping centre, receiving a very warm welcome from the local residents. Fast forward to 2021 and shops number 13 and 14 opened on the west side of the city , on Ecclesall Road and in Broomhill.

the secret of success…

The secret behind our speciality pork sandwiches is in the preparation. Because we are traditional butchers who prepare and roast in house, we can control the quality of our product all the way through from the beginning of the process to the end product; this means that every customer gets a sandwich which embodies what Béres is all about. Joints are traditionally cured and roasted to give succulent pork and perfect crispy crackling every time.

The result – Sheffield’s favourite sandwich for over 60 years and counting!

Did you know?

We use around 7 tonnes of pork
and 4 tonnes of flour per week